Rural Office
La Condes, Santiago, CHILE
Architects: Nicolás del Rio – Max Núñez
Location: Las Condes, Santiago, Chile
Date: May 2011
Client: Edwards Asociados

A successful advertising company asked us for a schematic design for their new headquarters. A space for "play" was a key element in their brief.

The program required 200 new square meters somewhere around a pre-existing house. Remaining surface areas would be taken up by "green" areas requiring a high and constant maintenance. 

The project crosses the idea of "play" with a productive agricultural field by the creation of a communal garden that subdivides the whole plot of land in patches of 2 x 2m. Each square of land would be assigned to a member of the company, who would be in charge of making it "grow". 

The new office space would be a large greenhouse. A prefabricated, cheap construction, luminous and easily dismantled workspace.