Ochoalcubo / Dune House
Ochoquebradas, Los Vilos, CHILE
Architect: Max Núñez
Collaborator: Stefano Rolla, Carlos Rosas
Location: Ochoquebradas, Los Vilos, Chile
Client: Eduardo Godoy

Schematic Design for a house in Ochoalcubo / Ochoquebradas

The house rests over a small hill facing the Pacific Ocean. Its form was developed following the contours of the soft dunes of the site, aiming to become an object of the landscape rather than an object in the landscape.

The house does not mimic the natural terrain, but rather it appears and disappears in it. Its presence is diffuse when approaching from the South, and defined when coming from the North; a concrete element partially buried in the sand.

The structure of the house is a monolithic concrete surface supported by columns.
Two of these columns serve both as structural elements that frame the view to the North and as staircases leading to the roof terrace.

The structure of the roof allows for an open space below it, which is subdivided by furniture and glass panels. These non-structural elements divide the bedrooms towards the South from the common areas of the program towards the North. These soft subdivisions can be easily modified according to the changing needs of the family.

The roof surface will be partially covered with sand and rocks and will be slowly recovered by the natural vegetation of the site.