Wallpaper Design Awards 2018
London, UK.

The Ghat House has won Best New Private House at Wallpaper Design Awards 2018.

The magazine´s description goes like this:

Ghat House is a tale of two different approaches. Set on the steep slopes that rise up alongside Chile’s spectacular Central Coast, the house, designed by Santiago-based architect Max Núñez, is arranged as a series of boxes thrusting out of the hillside, held up by 15 dynamically canted concrete columns. Inside, a winding concrete staircase rises up from ground level, while a similarly vertiginous external stairway steps down the length of the sloping façade, offering up far-reaching ocean views. From above, the house reads only as a collection of lightweight wooden pavilions, with a spectacular hidden underworld below.

Key features: A dramatic concrete, glass and wood beach house set on a steep incline facing the Pacific Ocean

Architects’ previous work: MAD Building, The Grange School, Santiago, Chile; 10x10 House, Las Condes, Chile


Photo: Erieta Attali