10 x 10
Las Condes, Santiago, CHILE
Architects: Nicolás del Rio – Max Núñez
Associate Architect: Felipe Camus
Location: Las Condes, Santiago, Chile
Finished: December 2010
Structural Engineer: Mauricio Ahumada
Landscape Architect: Teodoro Fernández
Lighting Designer: Douglas Leonard
Technical Inspection: Alfonso Bravo
Building Contractor: Constructora El Pangue
Built Surface: 700 m²
Materials: Concrete, steel
Photographs: Erieta Attali

This house is located in a suburb of Santiago, at the foothills of the Andes Mountains, at 880m asl. The site covers an area of 1500m² and is oriented towards the Northwest.

The project considers three singular elements: a central courtyard of 10x10m, a suspended bridge over it, and a generous entrance hall containing the main staircase.

Towards the outside the house should look severe and heavy, with controlled views to avoid the view of the neighbours and the noise from the streets.

On the inside, the different parts of the program are visually connected in order to shorten the physical distance between rooms, inducing friction between the inhabitants of the house.

In the courtyard three trees were planted. The rooms are organized around this space, on two levels: the common areas below, private rooms above.

The material chosen is cast concrete, inside and outside, with no difference in its finish to give coherence between the different spaces. Steel frames and thin columns with minimum sections contrast with the massive volumes of concrete.

Looking from the house towards the Northeast there is a clear view of the Chapel of the Monasterio Benedictino de Las Condes.

This house was awarded BEST NEW PRIVATE HOUSE by Wallpaper Magazine's Design Awards 2013.