Mall Sport, Santiago, CHILE
Architect: Max Núñez
Collaborator: Paulina Ibieta
Location: Mall Sport, Santiago, Chile
Finished: April 2012
Clients: Patagonia Chile
Lighting Designer: Interdesign
Building Contractor: Francisco Alvarez
Built Surface: 190 m²
Materials: Reclaimed oak wood, mañio wood.
Photographs: Max Núñez

We have been working with Patagonia since 2010. This is the third store we have designed for them, together with Patagonia El Golf and Patagonia Portal La Dehesa.

We have tried to translate the spirit of minimum impact, ecological awareness and care in the details of Patagonia into the design of their store. 

The open plan space is organized by a defined set of demountable structures: shelves, lighting fixtures, gondolas and furniture are all flexible and easily removable. Most of them can be reshaped using an allen wrench n.4. All the wood on the floor and walls are reclaimed oak wood from demolished buildings from Santiago.

We tried to keep the design simple, with the minimum possible elements, in order to make the colourful clothes and their careful stitching to stand out.